Our history

  • 1981Création

    SARL au capital de 100,000 €. Traduction technique juridique
  • 1987Communication

    Démarrage de l’activité
  • 1996Ingénierie documentaire

    Démarrage de l’activité
  • 1997Multimédia

    Démarrage de l’activité

    Ouverture de l'agence de Toulouse. Démarrage de l’activité rédaction technique

    Raptrad rachète la société de communication IMAGINE
  • 2006AREA & Partners

    Création de la Holding. 25 ans d'expertise

    Ouverture de l’agence de Bidart
  • 2009Rédaction technique

    Développement de l'activité
  • 2015ISO

    Certification ISO
  • 2017ATLAS Services

    Ouverture de l’agence Sousse
  • 2018Ingénierie linguistique

    Démarrage de l'activité
  • 2020Accentia

    Création de Accentia
  • 2021Expertise

    40 ans d'expertise
  • 2022Ecovadis

    Médaille d’or pour sa notation Ecovadis

Our branches

We are located on every continent and our network of associates and partners extends right across Europe.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable development and ethical conduct are guiding forces at RAPTRAD IMAGINE.

We make every effort to remain socially responsible as we conduct our business, with a focus on employee well-being and our impact on the environment. Our corporate social responsibility policy informs social dialog, our mobility policy, support for personnel, our training plan, and our environmental protection program.

RAPTRAD IMAGINE is also committed to reducing its environmental footprint and has undertaken the following concrete actions with this in mind:

  • Installing environmentally friendly heat pumps in our offices
  • Raising employee awareness about the resources required for data storage
  • Going paperless whenever possible and using recycled paper when necessary
  • Recycling used ink cartridges
  • Implementing recycling programs in conjunction with les joyeux recycleurs and Easytri
  • Recovering bio-waste in the break room
  • Embracing reusable dishware and eating utensils
  • Reducing our consumption of water and electricity
  • Limiting emissions from company vehicles
  • Promoting soft mobility and encouraging the use of public transportation.

RAPTRAD IMAGINE is also proud to support associations working to improve access to education, employment, and mobility for disabled people, and taking action to eliminate discrimination and exclusion by ordering certain office supplies from these organizations.